Born in Hamar, Norway

Attended the Hamar College of Education

Employed as a teacher  in Denmark. Simultaneously attended the Royal  Danish School for Educational Studies

The Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry, Oslo

Resident of Vienna, Austria. Her first solo tapestry exhibitions took place in Norway, and her first commissions were received

Resident of Northern Norway. Solo exhibition at the North Norwegian Music Festival , which was displayed in Sweden and Finland

Resident at Trondheim (mid-Norway)

Solo exhibition in the “Kunstnerforbundet”, one of the prinsipal public galleries of Oslo, with debut contribution from the Arts Council in Norway

Debut at the National Autumn Exhibition, Oslo  with “Hommage á  Rian”. The tapestry was purchased by the Trondheim Community.
Other tapestries were purchased for the first time by the South Trøndelag County for permanent display  in various public buildings
The tapestry  “Christus Majestas” was completed for the “Art and Church” Exhibition, Trondheim. This work was  purchased in 1992 by the Ilen Church, Trondheim

Solo Exhibition at the  National Museum of  Decorative Arts, Trondheim, which purchased the tapestry entitled “Sommer” (Summertime). Another tapestry was purchased by the Arts CouncilA commission was received for a tapestry on permanent display in the SINTEF Administration Building, Trondheim

Fourth Place Award was received at the High Court Decorating  Competition, Oslo
Solo exhibition in the Artists´ Cooperative Gallery, Hamar
A tapestry was purchased by the National Broadcasting Co, Norway
Representatives of her work were included in the first exhibition of the newly opened “Gallery Ismene” in Trondheim
Partisipant in the “Scandinavian Textiles Exhibition” Gallery Saga, London

Solo exhibition in the Tromsø Fine Arts Society, Tromsø, Norway
Completed the altar tapestry “Magnificat” for Queen Maud´s Church,Trondheim

Completed the  tapestry “Klipper i nord” (Rocks of the North), which was commissioned by Sparebanken Nor Bank, Tromsø
Received The National Travel and Study Grants for Artists, which facilitated her first visit to New York. Previously, tapestries had been purchased by private American collectors

Her  immense tapestry “Fanfare” (4*12 m) won the art competition for the North Norwegian Conservatory
Solo exhibition in the Trondheim Fine Arts Society
Received honorary mentioned in the Government Decoration Competition, Oslo

Received a scolarship from the Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards Foundation in Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (7 months). She made her first prints, which were included in a group exhibition “Estampes d ábstraits contemporains” arranged by the Del Arco Printing Co., Paris. This exhibition was later shown in other locations in France

Solo exhibition at the prestigious Gallery Ismene. Trondheim, which included tapestries, silk prints and collages
Her tapestry “Blå kilde” (Blue Source) was purchased by PIR Sentre, Trondheim
Received a commission for two tapestries on permanent display in the new Trondheim public library building

Solo exhibition at the Oslo Fine Arts Society
Completed the velvet stage curtain for the Concert Hall ”Olavshallen” (King Olav’s Hall), Trondheim
Partisipant in a group exhibition in the “The Artists` Central Building”, Moscow

A second visit to New York was undertaken to organize her 1993 exhibition. Other tapestries had been previously purchased by collectors from California and New York
Winner of the decorative art competition held for the Saga Petroleum Building in Oslo

Completed her first work in metal entitled, “Vikingveien” (The Way of the Vikings),14 m in with, which was commissioned for the new Trondos Building in Trondheim
Partisipant in group exhibitions in Reykjavik, Iceland; Thorshavn, The Faeroe Islands and Stockholm, Sweden
Received The National Guaranteed Income for Artists

1993 – 94
Solo Exhibition “Themes of Love” in Montague Art Galleries Inc. at Gallery Art 54, New York with tapestries and silk screens of the maquettes of the tapestries.
Completed a tapestry for the Statoil Building at Stjørdal, Norway
Solo exhibition at Augsburg College in Minniapolis
Was invited to participate in the The American-Scandinavien Foundation OL- utstilling, N Y 1994
Solo exhibition at Lutherian Brotherhood Gallery, Minniapolis
Completed the immense tapestry  “ Fruits of Life” commissioned for Frostating High Court, Trondheim

Second solo exhibition  “Themes of Earth”  in Montague Art Galleries Inc. at Gallery Art 54, New York

Received a  commission for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL). Completed 17 tapestries for Main Stair of “Rhapsody of the Seas”.
Solo exhibition “Themes of Earth” in Trøndelag Artists´ Cooperative Gallery ; Filosofigangen, Odense, Denmark; and Norrköping National Museum of Decorative Arts, Sweden.
The Norwegian ”Stortinget” (Parlament) bought one of her silkscreens

Resident in Oslo, a new studio was build at Gjettum Farm in Bærum.
Another commission for RCCL, in Viking Crown Bar on “Rhapsody of the Seas”, was completed
Completed the velvet stage curtain for Norsk Tipping, Hamar

Completed the tapestry “Fabeldans” (Dance of the Fable) for Lillestrøm High School
Received and completed a commission for Orkla, Oslo

Received a commission for Nordea Bank, Oslo
Completed 5 tapestries for the Main Stair on “Voyager of the Seas” for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Partisipant at “Norwegian Modern Tapestries” in National Museum of  Buchuresti

Solo exhibition at the North Norwegian Music Festival
Received a commission for the “Vernebygget” (The Protective Building) at the regional Museum of Hedmark, Hamar

Made a tapestry after maqette of Magne Furuholmen  to the Cruiceship “The World of ResidenSea”.

Winner of the competition of Innset Church in the North of Østerdalen

Winner of the competition of Kolstad church in Trondheim.
Scholarship in Paris, “Blomstipendet”, 2 months stay at Cité des Arts. Made silkscreen for the upcoming exhibitions.

Pre-qvalified  in open competition for design of of bishop’s garment for the Hamar Bishop

Resident at Hamar, Norway where she was born

Made a journey to New Dehli, India to visit her daughter’s family

Retro Exhibition at Trondheim Art Museum and Regional Museum of Hedmark, Hamar, Norway.
At the same time, made the book: ÅSE FRØYSHOV, TAPESTRIES 1974-2010

Exhibitions at Gimsinghoved Art Centre,  Denmark and gallery Svae, Gjøvik, Norway. Made wine etiquette for Skibladner, the old steamer on the lake Mjøsa, and made silk screens of the maquette in Paris.

Made casula and stole in red and green for the Cathedral of Hamar, Norway








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